See How Easy It Is to Get Rid of Unwanted Hair With Full Body Waxing

See How Easy It Is to Get Rid of Unwanted Hair With Full Body Waxing

Ask about our hair removal service in Boise, ID today

You shouldn't have to spend hours shaving each week in order to enjoy the feel of silky-smooth skin. If you're tired of nicking yourself every time you reach your kneecap, Idaho Skin Care by Tina Slippy can help. Ditch the razor bumps and take advantage of our hair removal service instead. We offer full-body waxing, so we can remove unwanted hair from any part of your body.

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5 reasons to choose waxing over shaving

You might be used to shaving, but trust us—once you start waxing, you’ll never go back. Here’s why:

  1. Waxing pulls hair from the roots, while shaving just cuts hair at the surface. You’ll stay hair-free longer after waxing.
  2. Waxing causes your hair to grow back finer, making it easier to wax over time.
  3. Ditching your razor means you won’t ever have to deal with cuts or razor bumps again.
  4. You can be more precise with waxing than with shaving. This is especially helpful in areas like your eyebrows.
  5. You won’t have to put up with the stubborn stubble that often shows up just a day or two after shaving.

To schedule an appointment, contact Idaho Skin Care by Tina Slippy today. We’ll have you in and out of our full-body waxing center in Boise, ID right away.

  • Nose Wax $12.00 
  • Waxing - Brow Shaping $15.00
  • Waxing - Full Face $28.00
  • Waxing - Lips $12.00
  • Waxing - Chin $15.00
  • Waxing - Lip & Chin $20.00
  • Waxing - Underarms $20.00
  • Lip & Brow Wax $22.00
  • Waxing - Full Arms $32.00
  • Waxing - Half Arms $22.00
  • Waxing - Full Legs $65.00
  • Waxing - Half Legs $39.00
  • Waxing - Chest $55.00
  • Waxing - Stomach $20.00
  • Waxing - Back $49.00
  • Waxing - Bikini $30.00
  • Partial Female Brazilian Wax $45.00
  • Waxing Brazilian $59.00